Calvin Masilela Ph.D.

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Professor of Geography and Regional Planning
Director, B.S. Regional Planning Program
Director, Upward Bound Math and Science Program

Office: 9B Leonard Hall and 422 Sutton Hall
Voice: 724 357-3036
Fax: 724 357 6479


Dr. Masilela is a tenured full Professor in the Department of Geography and Regional Planning where he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in regional planning and geography. Before joining the department in 2001, Dr. Masilela taught at West Virginia University for eight years where he was granted tenure and promotion to Associate Professor. He currently serves as Director of the PAB Accredited B.S. Regional Planning Program as well as Director of the Upward Bound Math and Science Program. He is also a former Director of the McNair Scholars Program. His teaching responsibilities include Planning Theory; Planning Methods; Planning policy, implementation, and administration; Land Use Policy; and Geography of Africa. In addition, Professor Masilela has been invited for the past 15 years to lecture at West Virginia University’s International Health Program on Rural Development and Health in Africa; a module course on Clinical Tropical Medicine.

Dr. Masilela’s research interests range across a variety of issues that span African development, Urban planning; Land use planning; Urban agriculture; Rural development and health; Urbanization. In spring 2014, Professor Masilela was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Development Studies, National University of Science and Technology, Zimbabwe to conduct field research on urban agriculture in the City of Bulawayo.

In the past fifteen years Dr. Masilela has developed a special interest in mentoring undergraduates who are first generation, income disadvantaged, and underrepresented minorities to pursue graduate education as well as high school students to enroll in college and pursue careers in STEM disciplines. To fulfill this interest, he developed the first McNair Scholars Program at IUP in 2003-04 through a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, followed by another award in 2007-08 to fund an Upward Bound Math & Science Program. He has generated over $4 million to support both programs. The TRIO culture that has evolved at IUP is attributable to his efforts.