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“The answer is not to standardize education, but to personalize and customize it to the needs of each child and community.

There is no alternative. There never was.”

Dr. Corbett

Professional Studies in Education

Curriculum & Instruction Doctoral Program

PSE Office – 303 Davis Hall   -   PSE Phone – 724-357-2400

My Office - 132 Stouffer Hall

Summer 2016 Schedule

MEDU-764 – Ed. Change & Technology (IUP)

CURR-930 – Analysis of Effective Teaching (DUC)

CURR-951 – Issues  in Curriculum (IUP)

CURR-798 (001 & 002) – Doctoral Internships

Fall 2016 Schedule

MEDU-762 – The Inclusive Classroom (IUP)

CURR-940 – Technology in the Curriculum (IUP)

Spring 2017 Schedule*


CURR-918 – Qualitative Research Design (IUP)


CURR-940 or CURR-951 - (DUC)

*To Be Determined