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Geography and Regional Planning

Kevin J. Patrick, Ph.D.

Professor, Geography and Regional Planning
Indiana University of Pennsylvania


PhD in Geography

University of North Carolina


MA in Geography

University of Illinois


BA in Geography

Glassboro State College

Contact Information
Geography & Regional Planning
12E Leonard Hall
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA 15705

Email: Kpatrick@iup.edu

Phone: (724) 357-2250
Fax: (724) 357-6479


Kevin Patrick and the New Jacket Crew


Name That Place, Spring 2010 Edition

Name That Place, Spring 2008 Edition

Name That Place, Fall 2007 Edition

Name That Place, Spring 2007 Edition

Name That Place, Fall 2006 Edition


Geog 451/551: Geography of Tourism


KJP Publications

Diners of New Jersey (Coming Soon)


Ten Coolest Buildings in Indiana, Pennsylvania, 2007


Seeing the Scenic Upland South: Mother Nature and the Morphology of Tourist Landscapes, 2006


Pittsburgh and the Appalachians: Cultural and Natural Resources in a Postindustrial Age, 2006


Pennsylvania Caves and Other Rocky Roadside Wonders, 2004


Diners of Pennsylvania, 1999


NPS Lincoln Highway Special Resource Study, 2002:

Lincoln Highway Landscape Interpretation Manual

Lincoln Highway Resource Guide

KJP Selfdocumentorium


Man Bites Dog

Man Bites Other Things

Other People Bite All Sorts of Things

Mall Everest


Fall 2006 In Review


KJP in the Field:


Karst, Caves, and Careening Trains

(Geography of Pennsylvania 2008)


Ghost Pike Bike Hike

(Geography of Pennsylvania 2008)


Blairsville Hill-to-Hill Field Trip

(Social Geography 2006)


Artadelphia: Public Art and the Projection of Place in Philadelphia


Atlantic City as Monopoly Board

(Social Geography 2006)


Great Lakes 2005

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