Hello and welcome to my website.  My name is Thad Dachille, and I an art educator working in visual topics and graphics communication at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. 

With certainty, both forms of expression (art and teaching) can  be connected to the growing and dynamic visual-based culture that surrounds us,  and therefore, communicating with impact is the desired outcome for both of  these dynamic, interconnected activities. And as a teacher, if I create a  lecture that is both a visually-pleasing and rich with content, I feel  successful; but, if my students don’t leave the class brimming with new ideas  and the courage to create, I have not accomplished my job very well at all. And  as a visual communicator, if I make a work that is not clear and or direct is this  a meaningless experience?  I say no,  because I believe that if I am not speaking clearly in a visually dynamic way, I  am at an important place creatively and this is significant because in these in-between  places I find significance because when I am revising the vision and the goal I  am really forming a clearer, dynamic visual method of communication.





2013 Thad Dachille