My philosophy includes an ongoing pursuit in the development of strong visual media, particularly in print format and also asking how to better integrate visual images and logo-forms into the contemporary classroom setting. Particularly, I am curious about visual-learning methods both collectively and individually.

How did I become so set on visual-learning methods? Well, over the past few years, I have learned that my background in visual art is more of a benefit to me professionally, than I previously considered. This is because with this, “odd set of skills” there have been many times in the past that I have regretted studying visual art and even admittedly considered my previous studies to be largely a deficit, in life. But, with this background (accompanied with many ups and downs) I have been lead towards a new belief system. In my new belief system I have found that true instruction begins when we stay true to who we are as a person.

Below is an example of the diversity available in communicating ideas with digital methods. This example is from a graduate level course taken at IUP, the assignment was to develop a video using pictures and try and to tell a story.



In this last example, I am presenting a much different visual reflection (and in the form of a topic that is truly close to my innermost being, making images with drawing). You might be like me and love art, finding that it is an essential human characteristic and that it ties directly into self-reflection in a dynamic abstract way. So, if you, “heart art” and you love to make handmade things, than this video clip is for you. OOPS, I almost forgot to mention that in this example of art instruction, I will be describing the process that I use when blending electronic technology with hand drawn traditional media. Please enjoy.


2013 Thad Dachille