Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Department of Safety Sciences



Dr. Christopher A. Janicak, PhD, CSP, CEA, ARM

Professor of Safety Sciences

Indiana University of Pennsylvania

Department of Safety Sciences

136 Johnson Hall, 1010 Oakland Avenue

Indiana, PA  15705

(724) 357 - 3274


Courses Taught: 

SAFE 101  Introduction to Occupational Safety and Health


SAFE 111 Principles of Industrial Safety

SAFE 311 Industrial Fire Protection

SAFE 345 Systems Safety Analysis

SAFE 347 Ergonomics

SAFE 488 Internship Supervision

SAFE 493 Part-time Internship Supervision

SAFE 541 Accident Investigation

SAFE 543 Construction Safety

SAFE 602 Research Methods in Safety

SAFE 605 Application of Safety Engineering Principles

SAFE 610 Safety, Health, and Environmental Management

SAFE 645 Principles of Occupational Safety

SAFE 647 Applied Ergonomics

SAFE 773/873 Disaster Preparedness

SAFE 774/874 Fire Safety in Building Design

SAFE 810 Experimental Design

SAFE 805 Strategies in Risk Control

SAFE 807  Doctoral Colloquium in Safety Sciences

SAFE 808 Curriculum in Safety Education

SAFE 811 Multivariate Analysis

SAFE 995 Dissertation Supervision