Dr. Calvin Masilela Professor, Department of Geography & Regional Planning; Regional Planning Program Director

Courses that Dr. Masilela teaches:

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RGPL 103: Global Cities: Issues in Planning and Development

An introduction to the developmental and regional planning issues facing contemporary Western and non-Western cities. A theoretical framework sets up detailed case studies of developmental issues that are affecting urban populations in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. Issues include such traditional topics as migration, population, poverty, and indigenous and colonial legacies, but environmental and infrastructure problems such as water supply, food security, energy, solid waste, disaster planning, and transportation are also analyzed and discussed.

RGPL/GEOG 350/550 - Introduction to Community Planning

An introduction to the profession and activity of contemporary American urban and regional planning. Emphasizes land use control, design, growth management, and development regulation. The legal and institutional bases of planning practice are covered as well.

RGPL 352 - Planning Methods

Research, analytical design, and plan-making techniques in urban and regional planning. Examines basic items necessary to prepare urban and regional comprehensive plans.

RGPL 358 - Planning History and Theory

Provides an overview of the historical development of cities, explores the thinking about urban areas and their evolution over time, and reflects on how both continue to inform the profession of urban planning. Focuses on the social, economic, political, cultural, and technological forces that continually reshape urban form, urban life and urban planning. Examines the evolution of planning theory; major contributors who have influenced the field, current normative, conceptual, methodological issues, and the various roles planners play in practice, and the ethical dilemmas they face.

RGPL/GEOG 412 - Community Planning Practicum

This senior seminar and workshop constitute a capstone course that focuses on recent research in the major field. Students carry out an applied research project on a topic of local or regional importance.

RGPL 462 - Planning Policy, Implementation, and Administration

Focuses on the planning and implementation of policies to manage the location, timing, type, and intensity of land development. Explores the multi-step process from community plan to project completion. Exposes students to the public environment in which community plans are developed and implemented and walks them through the real-world problems of identifying projects, building agency and interagency consenus, finding funding, putting together a project plan, project management, personnel, and budget to project completion.

RGPL 470 - Housing and Community Development Policy

Explores a range of issues relating to U.S. housing and community development policy, including the role housing plays in building and strengthening neighborhoods and communities. Covers the structure of housing and related financial markets; the economic and social bases for government to intervene in these markets; and the relative merits and demerits of the different tools available to intervene in these markets including: subsidization, both directly and through the tax system; regulation of financial institutions, e.g. the Community Reinvestment Act; FHA and the government sponsored enterprises of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; zoning; and regulation of lands and rents.

GEOG 255: Geography of Africa

A critical geographic analysis and understanding of Africa, and the continent's level of development against the background of traditional misconceptions about the region. Offers a survey of the human geography and physical resources of contemporary Africa in a historical and global context. Covers a broad range of topics, including Africa, in historical perspective, physical geography, human-enviromental interactions, population dynamics, culture and change, economic and agricultural development, urbanization and migration, and political geography.

GEOG 610 - Research in Geogarphy & Regional Planning

Elements and techniques of scientific research, as applied to geographic and planning problems, are studied. A research proposal is developed.