Donald Buckwalter Ph.D.

Professor of Geography and Regional Planning

Office: Humanities and Social Sciences 413Q
Voice: 724 357-2250
Fax: 724 357 6479


Ph.D., Geography, Univeristy of Tennessee, 1988
M.A., Geography, University of Nebraska, 1981
B.A., Geography, University of Nebraska, 1973

Economic Geography; Transportation; Russia, Central Eurasia, and Eastern Europe

Teaching Profile:
Regional Development (GEOG 623); Transportation Planning (GEOG/RGPL 404/504); Transportation Geography (GEOG/RGPL 333/533); Geography of Russia, Central Eurasia, and Eastern Europe (GEOG 254); Economic Geography (GEOG 231); World Geography/Global Context (GEOG 104)

GISP; 2003 Certified Geographic Information Systems Professional by the GIS Cerification Institute of the Urban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)
CTL, 2005 Certified in Transportation and Logistics by the American Society of Transportation and Logistics.