Dr. Sudeshna Ghosh Associate Professor, Department of Geography & Regional Planning

Courses that Dr. Ghosh Teaches


RGPL 103 - Global Cities: Issues in Planning and Development

An introduction to the developmental and regional planning issues facing contemporary Western and non-Western cities. A theoretical framework sets up detailed case studies of developmental issues that are affecting urban populations in Africa, Asia, and Central and South America. Issues include such traditional topics as migration, population, poverty, and indigenous and colonial legacies, but environmental and infrastructure problems such as water supply, food security, energy, solid waste, disaster planning, and transportation are also analyzed and discussed.

RGPL 203: Planning History

Examines the history of the planning profession and how the planner’s role has evolved over time. Considers the historical context of planning solutions relative to contemporary urban problems by examining the planning tradition from its early antecedents through modern times. Particular attention is directed toward the genesis of planning in the United States during the mid-19th and early 20th centuries. Significant plans, people, projects, and movements in the history of planning are discussed in relation to the evolving traditions of the planning profession.

RGPL/GEOG 350/550 - Introduction to Planning

An introduction to the profession and activity of contemporary American urban and regional planning. Emphasizes land use control, design, growth management, and development regulation. The legal and institutional bases of planning practice are covered as well.

RGPL/GEOG 352/552 - Introduction to Community Planning

Research, analytical design, and plan-making techniques in urban and regional planning. Examines basic items necessary to prepare urban and regional comprehensive plans.

RGPL/GEOG 412 - Community Planning Practicum

This senior seminar and workshop constitute a capstone course that focuses on recent research in the major field. Students carry out an applied research project on a topic of local or regional importance.

RGPL/GEOG 468/568 - Planning Theory

A seminar on contemporary debates concerning planning traditions, principles, and practices. The activity of planning is investigated from several theoretical frames and analytic positions.

GEOG 475/675 - Spatial Analysis Techniques

Presents concepts underlying spatial analysis techniques and provides hands-on experience operationalizing spatial analysis methods through use of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) hardware and software.

GEOG 481/581 - Special Topics: Field Study in India

Special Topics – Field Study in India course is offered as a Study Abroad course, where students are exposed to socio-economic, cultural, environmental, and urban and planning scenarios in the fast-growing cities of India. In the past, students and faculty-members have travelled to Kolkata, Bhubaneswar, and Darjeeling to explore issues of slums and informal settlements, degrading wetland areas due to urban encroachment and pollution, transformation of ethnic enclaves, environmental and socio-economic conditions in tea-gardens. In addition to literature review and secondary information, students mostly collect data through visual observations and GPS surveys during field trips to study these topics and analyze key challenges.

GEOG 612 - Quantitative Technique in Geography and Planning

Descriptive and inferential statistical techniques applied to spatial distribution and spatial association of physical and cultural phenomena and testing of spatial theoretical constructs.