Portfolio Checklist for Admission to Teacher Certification Program

IUP Mathematics Department


The following are the requirements for your portfolio for admission into the teacher certification program.  Additional information may be added.


Home Page

             Name, address, and other contact information is current

             Picture of yourself in a professional pose or setting



             Educational background          

             Work experience

             Teaching experience (tutoring, EDUC 242, 342, 441)


             Resume uses a professional, easy to read format



             Philosophy is well-thought out and free of grammatical errors.

Write your philosophy of mathematics education (not more than 2 pages).  This should address your beliefs and feelings about teaching secondary students mathematics.  What are your objectives as a teacher?  Who is capable of learning mathematics?  How do you think students learn?  What will you teach?  How will you teach?  How will you help students learn mathematics?  What kind of environment will you try to establish?  How will you establish this environment? What will your classroom be like?  What types of learning will take place in your classroom?  …etc.



             Clearances are scanned (Act 151 and 34)



             Most current transcript


Health Screenings

             Health screenings are scanned (TB, Speech and Hearing)



             At least two standards are addressed with commentary and evidence of your meeting that standard.


OVERALL:  Portfolio should represent you, as a teacher and a professional.  Even though you start with a template, the portfolio should be made as personal as possible.  It should be easy to navigate.  Be creative.  Make an extra copy of your portfolio for your advisor.




Signature of Advisor                                                                             Date

(Indicates that your advisor has checked your portfolio and will keep a copy of it in your files.)


(Include this form with your application for admission to teacher certification.)