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English 730: Teaching Writing

Assignment: Statement of Teaching Philosophy

Dr. Gian Pagnucci

Assignment Overview

Write a 1 page statement which summarizes your views about teaching. Length is important, particularly when sending your philosophy statement as part of a job application packet.

Your philosophy statement needs to be one you are willing, and able, to defend. While there are many ways to approach this task, people often try to answer, as best they can, these questions in their philosophy statement:

  • What are my central goals as a teacher?
  • Where do my goals come from? On whose theories, philosophies, and research are my goals based?
  • What methods do I employ with my students to achieve these goals?
  • What sorts of assignments do I use to achieve these goals?
  • How do I assess/evaluate my success in achieving my goals for my students?
  • Why does teaching matter to me?
  • Why am I teacher?

This is your teaching philosophy. So write what you believe, not what you think I want to hear as your teacher.

You can tailor this statement to a specific discipline and/or course. Most people write one statement meant to capture their most essential views about teaching.


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