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Mourning the Loss of an iCon


I've been a Mac addict since my parents got an Apple II+ back in the 1980s. So I was extremely saddened to hear of Steve Jobs' passing.


Steve Jobs


"Your time is limited.

Don't waste it living someone else's life."


For too many years, loyal Mac users had to put up with being mocked as second class citizens. But our faith in Apple was well founded and, in the end, Steve showed that the principals of quality development, user-friendly interface, and style could be used to create the best computers on the planet. To a large extent, Steve managed to redesign the entire world of technology, and today we live in an iWorld in which we all benefit from his visionary ideas. I never met him personally, but I am very sorry he is gone. Probably the greatest thing about Steve Jobs, though, was that he made it cool to be a computer geek. Who would have thought anyone could accomplish that? Here's hoping Steve's spirit of technological cool lives on forever!

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Good Luck

Crimson Hawks!


What an amazing playoff run! First a comeback victory from a 12-point half time deficit. Then a nail biting victory at the last second.

Good luck in the Championship Game.

Bring IUP home the Men's Division II Basketball Crown!


The Lives of English Teachers: A Readers' Theatre Performance
Read By Dr. David Schaafsma (University of Illinois at Chicago), Dr. Randi Dickson (Queens College, The City University of New York (CUNY)), and Dr. Gian Pagnucci (IUP)

Narrated by Sarah Rutter (University of Illinois at Chicago)

Wednesday--November 18th at 8:00 p.m.

in the Hadley Union Building (HUB), Monongahela Room

Most training for teachers focuses on classroom practices: what books to use, what tasks to assign, and what methods to employ. Even most discussions of educational philosophies and pedagogies focus on how teachers should behave in the school or university setting. But teaching is a 24/7 occupation. The best teachers are always thinking about their teaching, and trying to meld that teaching life into the rest of their existence. This readers' theatre performance (where a text is read aloud in semi-dramatic style by the authors) focuses on the chaotic nature of teaching lives, both inside and outside the classroom. The reading will be accompanied by music and hopes to engage the audience in rethinking their own ideas about what it means to engage in the teaching life.

Gian Pagnucci and Dave Schaafsma at UIC in 2009

Sponsored by IUP's Graduate Studies in Composition & TESOL Program
 and IUP's Department of English.

Thank You!

I want to thank

all the Composition & TESOL students and alumni

who nominated me for


The 2009 Mentor of the Year Award.


I was very honored to win this award

and to receive this fabulous recognition.

IUP's C&T program has so many wonderful students,

and it has been my great privilege to work with many of you

during my 15 years of teaching at this university.

Thanks again.

Brett Favre Returns to Lambeau Field



It's the Game that never should have happened!

Lots of people have asked me,

"How do you feel about Brett Favre being a Viking?"

My answer is, if I was coaching the Packers,

Brett would still be wearing green and gold.

When Tom Brady got hurt last season,

the Patriots didn't cut their future Hall of Famer.

So what was Packers management thinking?

I'm hoping Brett has one last magical ride

to the Super Bowl left in him.

And I'll be cheering him all the way.

Celebrate Writing!
The United States Congress has designated October 20th as
The National Day on Writing.

So take a little time today to write in your journal,
start your novel, update your blog, or compose a poem.


Brett Favre vs. the Packers?



Say it ain't so!


Yes, the unthinkable has come to pass.

The Packers cut the greatest quarterback in the history of football,

and now he's about to remind them why that was such a big mistake.

No matter who wins, it's bound to be a great game,

one of the biggest ever!

Cap Is Back!




At long last, that hero among heroes,

Captain America, is returning.

Marvel Entertainment, Inc. has announced that it will release

a new 5 part mini-series

in July entitled

Captain America Reborn

in which the star-spangled super-soldier

returns from the grave.

President Obama Signs Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act



Like Presidents Kennedy and Clinton before him,

President Obama has issued a national call to service.


This important new legislation includes ways for students

to earn money for college by doing volunteer work.


Local Volunteer Opportunities
Interested in volunteering in your local community?

A great information source on volunteering is:


Local Volunteer Opportunities
IUP Students and Faculty will want to also visit

IUP's Office of Service Learning

which helps coordinate volunteer projects or the

 Citizenship and Civic Engagement Initiative (CCEI)

which coordinates Alternative Spring Break and other activities.

Neil Giaman wins Newbery Medal!


One-time comic book writer Neil Gaiman has won the 2009 Newbery Medal

for last year's best children's book.

He won for The Graveyard Book published by HarperCollins Children's Book.

Gaiman is a fabulous writer whose outstanding works include:

I've read all these books and highly recommend them to you.

Help Make History!


The United States is mired in two wars

and in the midst of the worst financial crisis

since the Great Depression.

Never has the Presidential election mattered more.

And never have American's votes meant more.



We need to change things now,

before it's too late.

So please get out and VOTE on

Tuesday, November 4th.



Tech Teaching 101:

A Hands-on Workshop for Integrating Technology

into Your Pedagogy


Saturday, October 11th, 2008

8:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Sponsored by IUP's Reflective Practice Project

It's always darkest before the dawn.


Alas, Packers management traded away the greatest quarterback of all time.

Here's hoping Brett Favre gets one more chance to make it to the Super Bowl,

even if it has to be as a New York Jet.

Still, though it may be a dark hour for Green Bay fans,

at least solace can be found in the cinematic masterpiece

which is the new Batman film.


The Dark Knight is on its way to becoming the #1 box office film of all time.
I urge you to see the movie to help push Titanic out of the championship spot.

Will he be back?

You have to believe Brett Favre
did not really want to retire,
or he would not have turned down a $20 million offer
from the Green Bay Packers to stay out to pasture.

Brett Favre Signed Packers Passing 8x10 Photo

Here's hoping Brett
gets one more chance
to lead the Pack back to the Super Bowl.

The Greatest is Gone!

Brett Favre has officially announced his retirement
after a 17 year career. In that career, Brett became
the NFL's only 3 time MVP,
broke virtually every major quarterback record,
won Super Bowl XXXI,
and started 275 consecutive games as a Green Bay Packer.

More important than statistics, though,
Brett was a guy who just seemed to love the game,
to play like a kid in the backyard.
He seemed like one of us.

Thanks for all the great memories Brett!

Yes, Dr. Pagnucci is officially in mourning,
at least until kickoff day!

Special Guest Speaker
Dr. David Schaafsma

Narrative Research Expert,
Associate Professor of English
at the University of Illinios at Chicago,
and author of Eating on the Street

  • Lecture: Mar. 27th Thur. at 8  p.m. in Leonard 219
  • Narrative Research Workshop: Mar. 28th Fri. at 10:30 a.m. in Keith 238
  • Dr. Schaafsma was Dr. Pagnucci's dissertation director
  • Attendance at these events is strongly recommended

Packers almost reach Super Bowl!

Well, Green Bay came close to the championship this year.
And luckily, the Packers are the youngest team in football,
so there's still hope they can make it to the Super Bowl next year.

(Best of all, they went 13-3 this seaon without having to cheat,
which is more than can be said for some so called "perfect" teams.)

Favre's Fantastic Feats

The best thing about this year's NFL season was watching
Brett Favre prove he is the

Greatest Quarterback of All Time

Packers pull to 10-2!
(Yes, the stinking Cowboys won, but the Packers only had half their defense hurt!)

Steelers pull to 9-3!
(Can they beat the Patriots and prove they deserve another shot at the Super Bowl?)

Could we be headed for the greatest
Super Bowl match-up ever?

Favre's Fantastic Feats

Thankfully Brett Favre survived a Dallas cheap shot
and was back the next week to make his 250th consecutive start.

Favre needs less than 400 yards to take
the all-time passing yards title away from Dan Marino.
Is there any question left that Brett is the

Greatest Quarterback of All Time

Packers beat Broncos and Chiefs on the road to reach 7-1!

Steelers Stomp the Ravens to reach 6-2!

Could we be headed for the greatest
Super Bowl match-up ever?

(Keep your fingers crossed that somebody figures out how to stop Tom Brady!)

Favre's Fantastic Feats

Brett Favre finally beat the Kansas City Chiefs,
the only team he had never won against.

Favre has now thrown for over 300 passing yards in 5 games this season, so he is well on pace to take the all-time passing yards title away from Dan Marino.
Is there any question left that Brett is the

Greatest Quarterback of All Time

Packers Start 5-1!
(curse the Bears)

Steelers Start 4-1!
(curse the Cardinals)

Could we be headed for the greatest
Super Bowl match-up ever?

(though Tom Brady and Randy Moss are going to be hard to beat!)

Brett Favre Record Watch

Brett Favre captures the all-time Touch Down Record
(and the all-time interception record, ugh!).

Favre is also on pace to capture the all-time passing yards record
so he can claim the title of:

Greatest Quarterback of All Time

Packers and Steelers Start 3-0!

Could we be headed for the greatest

Super Bowl match-up ever?

Little remembered fact:

Brett Favre's first victory came against which team?


Milwaukee Brewers barely in Contention!

Well, there's still a little hope,

but the Brewers seem determined to throw away first place.

Will they ever remember what it feels like to win?

Third Place???

Are you kidding me?

The Brewers spend almost the whole season in 1st,

and now they lose 11 of 14 and drop to 3rd.

Come on, Guys! Keep your eyes on the ball.

Milwaukee Brewers in Contention!

After years and years of futility,

my childhood baseball team,

The Milwaukee Brewers

are finally out of the baseball cellar.

Will history repeat and the Brewers choke yet again?

Or will they finally get back to the World Series?

Stay Tuned!

Current Major League Standings

Here we go, Badgers!

It's time for the Big Dance.

The Wisconsin Badgers

& Big Ten Player of the Year Alando Tucker

are seeded #2 in the NCAA Basketball Tournament

& aimed at the Final Four.

On Wisconsin!

(Little known fact: Badgers Coach Bo Ryan won 4 national championships
as the coach of the University of Wisconsin - Platteville,
which is located in Dr. Pagnucci's home town.)

R. I. P.

Captain America

Captain America


Sadly, The Daily Bugle and other news sources have reported that

Captain America was killed

during the Marvel Civil War.

2007 Web Announcements

Save the Planet!


(Earth Rise: First earth photo from space.)

Global Warming is a fact, not a theory.
And, unfortunately, we're slowly boiling our planet to death.

Read more about Global Warming.
Also watch Al Gore's marvelous documentary:

An Inconvenient Truth.

An Inconvenient Truth

Chicago Bears

It's time to do the Superbowl Shuffle!

Congratulations to The Chicago Bears for making it to Super Bowl XLI!

(Little Known Fact: The Bears used to hold their summer training camp in Dr. Pagnucci's home town: Platteville, Wisconsin. They recorded the Superbowl Shuffle back when Dr. Pagnucci was starting college.)

2006 Web Announcements

George Mason Patriots!

2006 Tourney Central

In the grand tradition of pulling for the underdog, I backed the Kryptonite Kids (after the Badgers lost) to win the NCAA Big Dance in 2006 (they came close!).


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