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Literature Online (e-text searching)

As many students and professors know, there is a considerable amount of literature now available online. This page is designed to help people search for electronic text (e-text). The University and the English department do not approve or support any of the sites linked off this page. However, these links have been established on the internet for some time now and are considered more reputable and trustworthy than most sites.

Students and professors should be aware that e-text documents may contain errors. The process of creating digital texts is still very new and being worked out.

All of the forms below are optimized for author search, not titles. Opposed to using the forms on this page, you may also click on the name of the site and search from there.

Online Books

The closest thing to an single unabridged clearinghouse is John Mark Ockerbloom's Online Books at U Penn:




Blackmask Online

This site has collected over sixteen thousand e-books. If you don't like using a search engine, this site also allows you to browse the database by category as well.




Project Gutenberg

Michael Hart's Project Gutenberg is one of the oldest and most trusted sites on the Internet. It offers over ten thousand e-texts.



Great Books Online

Ken Roberts' Great Books Online focuses on a few select writers that he considers to be great. Select a name and click the "GB" button on the right. Be sure to select only one name at a time when searching.


MIT Classics

This site lists a lot ancient Greek and Roman writers. It crashed a few years ago and the web team didn't back anything up. They have recovered most of the major e-texts and put them back online. However, they never bothered to replace broken images or redesign the site. Still, the wisdom of the ancients lies at your fingertips. Select a name and click the "MIT" button on the right. Be sure to select only one name at a time when searching.


Special collections - This site has a select listing of publications in fiction, non-fiction, and verse. They are most known for the e-text reference books (dictionaries, encyclopedias, fact books, quotes, etc).

British Women Romantic Poets - An electronic collection of texts from the University of California. You can search by keywords or browser the database by author name.

Celebration of Women Writers - A very large selection of female authors. This site includes works from many different countries and time periods.

Christian Classics - A variety of early Christian works to research. This site also has an online bible browser that allows you to easily view different bibles and commentary at the touch of a button.

18th Century E-texts - An electronic collection of texts made possible by the hard work of Jack Lynch from Rutgers University.

EServer - The EServer was founded in 1990 and is based at Iowa State University. They are very active in collecting and creating e-text documents on a broad range of subjects and interests. So far they have published over 32,000 documents.

The Luminarium - A very prestigious site that has a large collection of texts from Medieval, Renaissance, and early 17th Century writers.

Representative Poetry - A large listing of poets from a well known and established site built by the University of Toronto.

Renascence Editions - An online repository of works printed between the years of 1477 and 1799. This site is made possible by the University of Oregon.

Sacred Text Archive - A very large website with collections of e-texts devoted to understanding conceptions of spirituality and the religions of many different cultures.

Shakespeare's Electronic Texts - Access the complete works of Shakespeare online from the University of Virginia Library.

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