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Currently NOT Available for Dissertation Committees

Since I am now serving as C&T Director and have so many dissertation committee assignments already, I am no longer accepting any more students to be their dissertation director or dissertation reader. I am at the maximum number I can handle. We will soon be publishing a list of faculty who have openings for working with students.

Doctoral Students I Am Directing (10)

3 Chapter Stage

  1. William Donahoue
  2. Wesley Dunning
  3. Gregory Hafer
  4. Cody Lyon
  5. Alva Ramon
  6. Yasmin Rioux
  7. Lori Ann Woods

Dissertation Stage

  1. Melanie Glennon
  2. Maha Alawadat
  3. John Hepler - The technological pedagogical content knowledge acquisition of doctoral student instructors in intensive English and first-year composition environments

Doctoral Students For Whom I Am a Dissertation Reader (15)

3 Chapter Stage

  1. Khulud Alluhaydan: A sociolinguistic study of informal self-initiated reciprocal feedback in online ESL writing communities of practice
  2. Burcu Basoglu
  3. Chin-Fen Chang
  4. Gretchen Cobb: Composing in silent spaces: A dictionary for deaf writers entering the FYC community of practice*
  5. Gillian Mary Collie: A Bakhtinian approach to (re)visioning heroic rheotric in medical discourse"*
  6. Nell Rose Hill
  7. Lora Mendenhall: Mitakuye Oyasin and service-learning: A narrative plan for ecological restorative justice, Jasper County, Indiana*
  8. Tom Stewart
  9. John Wafer

Dissertation Stage

  1. Adam Colton (IUP Literature and Criticism Doctoral Student)
  2. Steve Edgehouse
  3. Andrew L. Jeter*
  4. Chih-Lung (Jeff) Kung (IUP Literature and Criticism Doctoral Student.) Playful political unconscious: The gender and racial performatives of PC and NPC in selected interactive fiction games.
  5. Sharon Virgil
  6. Bashak Tarkan-Blanco: ESL students' perceptions of non-native English lanugage teachers in English-speaking countries: The effect on teacher self-image and implications for U.S. teacher training programs*
  7. Steven Zimmerly (IUP Literature and Criticism Doctoral Student)


Updating Listings

Since I serve as a director or reader for so many doctoral students, the lists above may not be totally accurate. I do try to keep these lists up-to-date, but I'm often behind. So if I've left your name off a list or have you at an incorrect stage of the dissertation process, please know it's just a simple oversight, not an intentional slight. If you spot an error here, please email me and I'll be happy to update the appropriate list.

Doctoral Alumni

I have served as director for approximately 38 students who successfully completed their dissertations. Click below to see the list:

I have served as a reader for approximately 83 students who successfully completed their dissertations. Click below to see the list:

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