SEM Niagara Chapter Program 2006

Held at the School of the Arts, SUNY Geneseo, Geneseo, New York  Click here for local arrangements


Friday April 7, 2006  


8:00 pm  Informal mini world music concert   Wadsworth Auditorium


Saturday  April 8, 2006  


8:00 am—8:45 Registration    Brodie Hall, SUNY Geneseo


Paper Sessions   Held in Room 356A of Brodie Hall


8:45—10:15     Session 1: Diasporic Communities in the United States

The Chaozhou Daluogu in Los Angeles, USA, and Chaoshan District, China

            Wah-Chiu Lai (Kent State University)

Scandinavian Fiddling in the United States:  A Preliminary Overview

            Carl Rahkonen (Indiana University of Pennsylvania)

Examining Musical Changes in the Antiochian Orthodox Liturgy as Performed in the United States

Jenine Lawson (Eastman School of Music)


10:15—10:30  Brief Reports


10:30—10:45   Break

            Display and Power Point Presentation on Hammered Dulcimers in Western New York

Mitzie Collins (Eastmen School of Music)


10:45—12:15   Session 2: Continuity and Change in Musical Traditions

“The most remarkable feature of culture is non-change.” (Blacking 1977:17)

            Andrea Kuzmich (York University)

Innovation in the Guise of Tradition:  Music Among The Chin Population Of  Indianapolis, USA

Heather MacLachlan (Cornell University)

Younger Musicians in the Rochester Puerto Rican Community

            Ian Gendreau (SUNY Geneseo)


12:15—2:00     Lunch/Business Meeting


2:00—3:30       Session 3: Ethnomusicology as Self-Awareness

"Music, Trance, and "Truth:" Perspectives and Questions

            Amy Unruh (Kent State University)

“Concert or Communitas: Jazz and Ritual Space from Nightclub to Concert Hall”

            Barry Long (Eastman School of Music)

A Summer with Pansori: Lessons in Singing and Cultural Difference

                        Cindy Lee (Eastman School of Music)


3:30—3:45                   Break


3:45—5:15       Session 4: Music and Politics in Southeast Asia

Contemporizing  Traditional Arts : A Safer Form of Engagement?

            Nur Intan Murtadza (York University)

Inside the Piphat Ensemble: Interpretations of Clientship and Class Structure in Thai Society Regarding Thai Classical Music

            Priwan Nanongkham (Kent State University)

Straddling The Maekhong River: Political Challenges To Thai-Lao Music Scholarship           

Terry Miller (Kent State University)


5:30                 Dinner


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