The Real Song Catchers: American Women Pioneers of Ethnomusicology

Selected Bibliography  

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Natalie Curtis




Dearest Where Thy Shadow Falls (New York, 1898)

Song from Pipa Passes (New York, London 1899)

Spring = An den Fruehling (New York, London 1900)

Songs from Child's Garden of Verses (Newton Center, MA, 1902)

Ainu Dance Song (1904)

Hymn of Freedom (New York, 1918)

Negro Nativity Song "Mary's Baby" (1919)

Negro Christmas Song: "Dar's a Star in the East" (1920)

A Cowboy Song (New York, 1920)

Victory Song: (Pawnee Indian) (New York, 1920)

Dawn Song (New York, 1920)

American Indian Dance Pageant (1921)

Lenten Chant(1921)

Matachina I (1921)




Songs of Ancient America (New York: 1905)

The Indian's Book (New York, 1907, Rev. 1907, 1923, 1935, 1968)

Hampton Series Negro Folk Songs (New York, 1918-1919)

Songs and Tales from the Dark Continent (New York, 1920)


Approximately 69 Journal and 12 Newspaper articles.


Chief publisher: G. Schirmer.



Biography / Bibliography (only the most important recent works):


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