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Lecturing on the kantele at the 2007 FinnFest in Ashtabula, Ohio

I began research for a doctoral dissertation on the Finnish kantele in 1982.  On this site I make that dissertation available.  For a more concise and scholarly approach, I refer the reader to my kantele and gusli articles published in the second edition of the New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians.


Carl Rahkonen   Read my thoughts in a 2004 interview with Lani K. Thompson

Table of Contents:
The Kantele Traditions of Finland
Note: Only the text;  Illustrations will be added later.
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The Finnish kantele
The Estonian kannel
Karelian kannel
Russian gusli
Baltic Psaltery Symposia
Baltic Psaltery Bibliography

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Russian gusli
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Ancient Lithuanian Kankles

Note:  This site is still under construction.  More will be coming in the future.

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