Hello and welcome

I am a graphic designer, instructional designer, and artist. Currently, I am working on a D.Ed in Curriculum and Instruction at the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. And with certainty, I find both forms of expression (art and teaching) can be connected to the growing and dynamic visual-based culture that surrounds us; and therefore, impactful communication is the desired outcome for both of these dynamic, interconnected activities. As a teacher, if I create a class that is both a visually-pleasing and rich with content, I feel successful but, if my students don’t leave the class brimming with new ideas and the courage to create, I have not accomplished my job very well at all. And as a visual communicator, if I make a work that is not clear and or direct is this a meaningless experience? I say no. I believe in these in-between places (in the creative process) and it is there that I find significance because when I am revising a design I am really forming a clearer, more dynamic visual method of communication.